FIretrucks and crashtenders
During WW2 the Dutch colonies ordered a small number of highly modern fire fighting trucks from
companies in the USA. There is little information presently.
Though no military equipment the two Ford-Seagrave
pumpers acquired in the US for the Batavia Fire
Department in 1941, were up to date vehicles and
similar to the ones used in the US at the time.
They are seen on this picture from Orient Magazine
showing their pumping abilities next to a Batavia canal.
The firetrucks were delivered through
Lindetevis-Stokvis, a large Dutch-Asian trading
Five Ford/Marmon-Herrington crash tenders await delivery to the Dutch East Indies on this picture from a
Marmon-Herrington brochure (kindly provided by Bill Murray). They are built on Ford 1941 chassis.
According to the US Mission Report of August 1941, the NEI needed 15 fire-fighting trucks from
Marmon-Herrington. These trucks "are used on landing fields, especially for fighting crash fires". They "are
equipped with a water tank and pump, foam developing equipment (mechanical and chemical) and with
carbon dioxide cylinders". Five trucks were already on hand by that time, while 5 further trucks were
expected to be delivered by Sep-Oct 1941. The other five were "uncertain".
This fire-truck belongs to the post-war fire brigade of
Paramaribo, capital of the Republic of Suriname (prior
to 1975 a Dutch overseas territory). The fire truck is
built on what we believe is a 1942
Ford/Marmon-Herrington 4x4 truck, similar to the trucks
supplied to the Dutch forces in Surinam during WW2.
We believe this truck was delivered as a fire truck
during WW2 and was possibly part of a further fire
truck order to Marmon-Herrington by the Netherlands
Purchasing Commision in 1941-42.
This picture (both are from
the Dutch Beeldbank)
shows the rear of the same
vehicle. Note crew wearing
WW2 vintage Dutch K.N.I.L.
Another picture (same source) shows a 6 wheel fire
truck of the Paramaribo Fire Brigade, similar to
those ordered by the NEI from Marmon-Herrington.
It is probably built on a 1942 Ford chassis, like the
4x4 fire trucks. According to Hans Heesakkers, this
must be the (only) 6 wheel fire truck delivered to
Surinam during WW2 (see also the Overvalwagen